Teamfight Tactics : the 10 best champions to win in Tactical Combat

Tactical Combat, Teamfight Tactics in its original version, is the new game mode launched on League of Legends. Largely inspired by the autochthonous trend that appeared on DOTA, this mode asks you to choose your champions and make them participate ...
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Saving Eagles (Everything you need to know)

Several species of eagles in the world are endangered. The Philippine Eagle is one of these endangered eagles. There are only around 400 pairs of them left in existence in the Philippines. It was formerly called the monkey-eating eagle because ...
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Where to buy its dematerialized games and CD Keys at the best price?

Being passionate about video games has a price! We are well aware of this at Conso-Mag since quite a few members of the editorial staff tend to see a good part of their salary go up in smoke to be ...
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Top 10 Best Free Online Cricket Games

The passion for cricket is at peek nowadays. Everyone seems involved in cricket. Moreover, the weather is too hot in African and Asian countries which don’t allow the folk of various countries to play in the ground. However, you don’t ...
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4rsgold Reviews from buyers

Here we are sharing different reviews of 4rsgold gaming which shows that whether it is reliable or not. Read all the reviews from buyers carefully and decide yourself. Mark M. Thomas' Review Good and trustworthy service, but delivery was slow ...
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Pokemon Toys

Besides Pokemon Game, You can Amuse your Kids with Pokemon Toys

The Pokémon Mania keeps spreading in the recess courses. Pikachu and his friends became the stars of boxes, cards, and games. Find all our ideas to please the children. Who doesn't know Pokémon and his famous phrase "catch them all"? ...
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Pokmon Charaters

The Main Characters of Pokemon Go

Pokémon X and Y contain a gallery of all the new characters! These are the ones that were unveiled. Say " hello !". Hero In Pokémon games, you can choose to play as a boy or girl in order to ...
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Dungeons & Dragons game

How to start playing Dragons and Dungeons?

A while ago I heard about this great game, which had defined culture and which had been the basis for video games that at that time for me were the best I had ever tasted.  So I said, " how ...
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No desire for Pokémon Go? Here are 3 exciting Alternatives

The enthusiasm for Pokémon Go does not seem to end. More than 30 million people around the world are expected to play the Augmented Reality Game. All of them hunt for Shiggy, Evoli, Dodrio, and more than 140 other small ...
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red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2: PC Requirements

Hi all! To make it certain the best chance for all players, it became crucial for the Developers to optimize the game (red dead redemption 2 ) on every platform. That is, in particular, true in the case of PC ...
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