red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2: PC Requirements

Hi all! To make it certain the best chance for all players, it became crucial for the Developers to optimize the game (red dead redemption 2 ) on every platform. That is, in particular, true in the case of PC ...
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GTA 5 ultimate cheats

GTA 5 ultimate cheats: Just follow and Enjoy more

The launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 took place (read our test) and the code cheats of the most successful game of the year are now available. Find below the list of GT10 cheat codes on PS3 and PC. So, ...
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most addicting iphone games 2018

List of 10 Most Addicting iPhone Games in 2018

If you didn't play the most addicting iPhone games in 2018 you are not a gamer in a true sense. Turn your smartphone into a console with our selection of the best games for iPhone! All the applications quoted in ...
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WOW Power Leveling Tips and Providers

List of WOW Power Leveling Tips and Providers

In the world of Gamers, you will often listen the word “Power Leveling”. A person who is new to the world of gaming, don’t know the meaning of this term. In this article, I will describe the term Power leveling ...
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Celebrities Games

Top 8 Most Addictive Celebrity Games in 2018

According to Concordia University, there are quite a few factors about games that are known to make video games more addictive! But according to the customer reviews we’ve been hearing, all you have to do is be a celebrity, and ...
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best android games under 100mb

Best Android Games Under 100mb: Enjoy the list

With the technological tendencies that our smartphones enjoy, mobile games have to observe graphical requirements and expanded fluidity. The end result is an increase in their weight to download as to the installation, to the chagrin of the owners of ...
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most played game ever

8 Most Played Games Ever: (Most Downloaded Games)

The download platform of steam video games celebrates the brand new yr by using publishing the listing of the maximum famous video games of 2017. These games are not only the famous games of 2017 only but these are the ...
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offline games for windows 10

Offline Games for Windows 10: An announcement of MS

My utmost desire of offline games for windows 10 came true. On the way to offer extra flexibility inside the use of home windows 10pour gamers, Microsoft has lately announced that it's far now possible to enjoy our video games ...
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best app games for android

10 Best App Games for Android Mobiles in 2018

Free games aren't lacking on android and on the play store. Today, there may be so many games in Playstore that it is very hard to discover quality titles, able to stay greater than a few minutes at the memory ...
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PS4 Crash Messages

One word and two émojis are enough to crash the PlayStation 4

A simple message would be enough to temporarily paralyze the Sony console, forcing users to proceed with a factory restore to Regain Control.  "you have received a message".  PlayStation 4 users, be vigilant because it seems that a wave of messages containing what temporarily block your console get though currently on the PSN Network ...
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