4rsgold Reviews from buyers

Here we are sharing different reviews of 4rsgold gaming which shows that whether it is reliable or not. Read all the reviews from buyers carefully and decide yourself.


Mark M. Thomas’ Review

Good and trustworthy service, but delivery was slow.

I recently made a purchase for 123m GP on RS3, and at first of thought, I got scammed because live support kept telling me that they were out of stock and that they should be receiving more soon. After an hour of waiting, I contacted live support again and finally, I received my GP. I’m only deducting one star for the wait.

Qiana’s Review

I purchased gold from them and I got charged twice and when I tried to live to chat them 3 representatives left the chat in the middle of talking after I sent them proof will never use this again horrible service

Paul’s Review

awesome fast and quick super friendly! I actually took a couple of minutes to log in and customer services notified that they couldn’t find me so I felt like they cared about there job!


Richard J

please, buyers, beware they are a scam site, the reviews are fake and I’m not here on behalf of other gold websites, I was legitimately scammed for 105m/117$ Canadian, do not buy from this website, I now half to start an investigation to get the money back, they are absolute scum bags.

Aaron B

I have purchased around 100m and a fire cape and it’s always been quick and professional. It has greatly improved my experience with the game as well.


4rsgold has been reliable for game currency and accounts servicing me for close to 10 years now.
I only use 4rsgold.
Staff always ready to communicate and guaranteed fast delivery.


I bought 25million for rs3 and got conned they told me to switch world 3 different times and never gave the money. I spoke to two different live chat staff and they both closed the chat after trying to tell me the money was delivered when it never was. I got no were after that as they just kept closing the chat. Total Scam! I went elsewhere and got what I wanted straight away.


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