Where to buy its dematerialized games and CD Keys at the best price?

Being passionate about video games has a price! We are well aware of this at Conso-Mag since quite a few members of the editorial staff tend to see a good part of their salary go up in smoke to be able to pay for the last titles released.

While physical versions of video games – often referred to as “box versions” – still dominate the videogame landscape, more and more consumers are choosing to buy electronic versions of their purchases. To be able to recover the title linked to his account on all kinds of devices, to launch his game with a click without having to insert a disk, to pay sometimes less important prices: the reasons for this choice can be many.

Today, we offer you some tips to be able to buy at the best price, with sites that we discovered during our wanderings on the Great Internet.

G2A, first on India

If the prices displayed on G2A are very good, we have to be content here with more confidential games, often coming from the huge independent game catalog that it exists today. Some consoles titles are also part of the game, but nothing good folic on.

CDkeydb.com, a champion on the PC?

As far as PC games are concerned, they are very, very strong, with really interesting prices on a large part of the catalog. As far as the Xbox One download codes or PS4 CD keys are concerned, CDKEYDB is the best also.

Voidu, the handsome challenger

Located among the best players in the market, Voidu offers a catalog exclusively composed of titles available on PC. The prices displayed are, on average, very well positioned.

Starselect, a clean and professional interface

At the moment, the price of their catalog is still a little more expensive than the competition on certain points – and especially on the download codes of consoles – but their interface is undeniable to be classified in the best proposals on the market.

Just a little bit more work on the rates and we’ve got our favorite!

Shop4, the reference for console codes

Probably the best site to get consoles CD keys at no attractive price. The catalog available is rich and complete, with really interesting prices. Whether on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, there are good deals to do.

We also appreciate the presence of a “Toy to Life” category allowing us to acquire Amiibo figurines, etc.

HRK Game, the passion for bonus

HRK Game is one of our favorite dematerialized game key sellers. Like all the others, it obviously offers a rather rich catalog of games for all media, whether PC, Consoles or Mac.

The little plus we like a lot is the regular presence of a bonus game with your purchase, granted completely randomly. The loot box still has some nice hours ahead of it.

scdkey.com, the Steam specialist

Still an excellent competitor as far as key CDs are concerned, and especially as regards Steam games, his specialty. The catalog is extremely rich, with very interesting offers. There is also an interesting feature on the site’s home page, with a ranking of the best sales of the moment or fashionable pre-orders.

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