No desire for Pokémon Go? Here are 3 exciting Alternatives

The enthusiasm for Pokémon Go does not seem to end. More than 30 million people around the world are expected to play the Augmented Reality Game. All of them hunt for Shiggy, Evoli, Dodrio, and more than 140 other small creatures. For this they go outside, strolling through the streets, exploring backyards, cycling through the villages and stumbling over a corpse. The Pokémon, Pokéstops, and arenas can be found almost everywhere. But not everyone can delight in Pokémon Go because of free pokemon go codes. Maybe because you find the concept too playful, you do not like the look or you just can not do anything with the tricky creatures. That’s why WIRED presents you six other exciting Location-Based Mobile Games that lure you out into the open:


Before there was Pokémon Go, there was Ingress. The 2013-launched Game of the former Google start-up Niantic is the technical blueprint for monster hunting. According to the background story, bizarre portals and the strange XM energy appear all over the world. Two groups are in competition, therefore, The Enlightened and the resistance. As a player, you choose one of both sides and try to take portals while walking through the real world, thus strengthening the influence of your own side.


During the game, you level up your own Account, collect weapons, learn how portals are linked and learn more about the story. From time to time there are so-called anomalies, special Events for which players have to gather in certain places.

Zombies, Run!

The Zombie apocalypse has broken into the world. Those who survived find themselves together in communities. When supplies of food, batteries, and medicines are needed, so-called runners are sent out into the world. In Zombies, Run! the player is one of them. A total of 200 missions are to be accomplished, for which you have to do two main things: always leave the headphones in and stay in motion. Where to go and where to go? Matter. Resources and information are collected at random.

Zombie Run

If you hear suddenly shuffling and moaning Zombies, however, it is said: Give Gas! Basically is Zombies, Run! from the developer Six to Start less a game than an interactive audio book and training App. During the missions, the player learns about fictional radio broadcasts and radio announcements, what happened to the world and how it happened. It keeps you up and running!

Clandestine: Anomaly

On the surface Clandestine: Anomaly looks like a replica of Ingress or the shadow Cities set. This is also about a secret war, bizarre anomalies and extraordinary forces from space. The player is drawn into all this and has to make his contribution during walks and rides. However, the mobile game principle goes strongly towards Tower Defense and Augmented Reality Shooter.


The player must build pulsars in his environment, equip them with weapons and thus fight against enemy forces such as Alien drones. These are displayed in well-staged shootings directly into the environment seen by the Smartphone camera and can be effectively bombarded with lasers or air attacks. Still, the game from ZenFri has a quite modest, but quite growing Community.

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