List of 10 Most Addicting iPhone Games in 2018

If you didn’t play the most addicting iPhone games in 2018 you are not a gamer in a true sense. Turn your smartphone into a console with our selection of the best games for iPhone! All the applications quoted in this article are free, but they can contain advertising and integrated purchases (for example, you can pay to unlock a level, a character

Most Addicting iPhone Games 2018 for you

See the following games and see which you have played the most.

1-Beneath The Lighthouse

most addicting iphone games 2018

What’s under a lighthouse? In reality, we do not know, but in Beneath the lighthouse, we can tell you, it is hell!

In this game, play as a little boy Rondouillet looking for his grandfather. Motivated, the fellow must travel underground and cellars to the walls covered with spades in order to accomplish his mission.

Between puzzles and action games, Beneath the Lighthouse is definitely worth a visit!

2-Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is an excellent racing game developed by Gameloft.

Choose your car from a selection of 90 cars, browse hyper-realistic cities and be the first on the finish line!

most addicting iphone games 2018

Little advice, do not hesitate to shove your opponents on the way, it helps…

Happy, colorful, fun… This game does not take itself seriously, and it is so much better

3-Circle affinity

Circle affinity, not to be confused with Circa infinity (paying), is a singular game.

most addicting iphone games 2018

The goal is to bring your character into an infinite series of moving circles, without him being eaten by the way. Easier said than done!

Psychedelic and addictive, your address will be put to the test.

4-Royal Clash

Clash Royale is free-if you manage to resist integrated purchases!

In a small arena, compete against other players online and try to conquer their turrets. To win, you will have to find the right combination of action cards and fight your opponent’s attacks

5-Crossy Road

Simple, intuitive and colorful, you will become addicted to Crossy Road.

The goal of the game is to go through an endless series of roads, railroad tracks, rivers while avoiding your character from being crushed like a pancake, and this as long as possible!


6-Threes! Freemost addicting iphone games 2018

Threes!, or 3 in good French, is a strategic, simple and addictive game. In this game, you will move figures recorded on colored bricks.

You will have to embed the digits 1 (in blue), the digits 2 (in pink) to make the 3 (in white). All other digits are multiples of three created in embedding 2 white bricks. 2 + 1 = 3; 3 + 3 = 6; 6 + 6 = 12, a breeze!

7- Imago

Imago is a similar puzzle, but more complex than threes!. Don’t worry, the game will guide you to the beginning.

In summary, you will have to merge boxes of the same color, then of the same number, until they become too large and they are divided into small squares.

The goal is to get the most important number possible.

8-Super Stickman Golf 3

Golf is much less annoying than it sounds thanks to Super Stickman Golf 3.

Depending on the hat you wear, you get different powers that help you to traverse the most special courses: dungeons, moving islands, space stations… Play for free on 20 lots, and if you want more you will have to pay £2.29 (or €2.58).

9-Frisbee Forever 2

This is anything but a traditional frisbee game. You can make breathtaking courses, do some roller coaster rides… Collect the stars on your way and especially do not get out of the nails!

10-King Rabbit

The subjects of the king of the Rabbits (you) have been kidnapped! As a good monarch, you must go looking for them and release them, one by one! Attention many enemies and traps will be on your way.

Gradually King Rabbit gets complicated, and before you realize it you will have to learn to dodge venomous snakes, bombs, swords…

I played all of these games if you know more about most addicting iPhone games 2018 please tell us in the comment section.

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