Top 8 Most Addictive Celebrity Games in 2018

According to Concordia University, there are quite a few factors about games that are known to make video games more addictive! But according to the customer reviews we’ve been hearing, all you have to do is be a celebrity, and your game will automatically enthral people! (Seriously… NOT always the case!)


Anyway, with Android and iOS games getting easier and easier to deploy, more and more celebrities are launching their own personalized celebrity games. Some of the celebrity games allow you to play as the celebrity, and some of them are more basic game themes, dressed out to portrait the celebrity’s style.


In this post, we’ve reviewed the top 8 most addictive celebrity games, with details and links for each one so that you can see if they are what you are into! Hopefully, you will pick up a new favourite game for you or the kids on this celebrity game list!

Top 8 Most Addictive Celebrity Games


After reviewing all of the options that are currently available for celebrity app games, we have narrowed our choices down to select only the ones with the highest rating! These are our top 8 picks for the most addictive celebrity games, listed in order by popularity on the PlayStore:


Free Weezy – Lil Wayne’s Sqvad Up – 4.7 Stars

 Most Addictive Celebrity Games in 2018

The Free Weezy – Lil Wayne’s Sqvad Up game was inspired by Weezy’s love of skateboarding. This game will take you on an action-packed adventure as you skate your way through Lil Wayne’s hometown of Hollygrove. Ride around landing awesome tricks and stacking your paper as you fight against the “Birds of Evil Prey!” With the money you collect, you can pimp out your deck, unlock special offers, and earn cool gear from the store! Plus, you can unlock new members of the Sqvad and take a ride on Super Mode Vehicles like the jetpack and the rocket. Unlock more cool boards, pants, and shirts, by playing in the casino, and compete against your friends in a worldwide leaderboard as you dominate your way to victory!


Fastlane: Road to Revenge – 4.7 Stars

 Most Addictive Celebrity Games

In this classic arcade racing/shooter game, you can pick your character and choose your favourite vehicle out of 20 exotic car choices. One of the characters you can choose to play is Harry Shotta, the fast as lightning UK grime rapper! Don’t forget to pick the beats you want to jam on the in-house radio, because this game is not lacking on fresh tunes! Zoom and shoot your way past gang bosses and players from all over the world in a struggle to take back your city. Keep an eye on your strength though, because you’ve got 30 player leagues that will only get harder and harder as you go! You’re a little outnumbered, but no worries! You can take advantage of wicked vehicle transformations like the Talon Gunship, the Vulcan S-22, and the Tempest C-3 to even out the odds and take your game to the next level as you destroy everything in sight on your way to defeat 11 crazed bosses who would do anything to see your demise!


Nonstop Chuck Norris – 4.6 Stars

 Most Addictive Celebrity Games

In Nonstop Chuck Norris, you get to play as Chuck Norris himself in a fight to win back the multiverse. Beat up menacing villains and then take on their bosses and get ready for the next fight! During your cool-down periods, you can practice executing Chuck’s signature moves to get even more deadly with your skills! Use the coins you earn to level up on the weapons and armour that you have acquired, and uncover exclusive Chuck Norris facts along the way! In NonStop Chuck Norris, you will find yourself submerged in a non-stop fight to the finish, with some light-hearted humour thrown in to get a chuckle out of you! (No pun intended!) Nonstop Chuck Norris has been compared to Nonstop Knight, so if you like that game, this one will be a sinch to master! Nonstop Chuck Norris gets very good reviews by its players, so get your fists and feet loosened up and get ready to kick some you know what!


Demi Lovato: Path To Fame – 4.5 Stars


Demi Lovato: Path to Fame has an interactive storyline that will take you on a personalized journey to fame. You get to dress and customize your avatar and work as Lovato’s tourmate, as they try to expand their social following and achieved superstardom. The path to Fame has different storylines that your character will enter into, all depending on who you decide to interact with and what actions you take. You will travel to different cities and perform with DEM as you gain fans and rock out venues! This is a very popular game with fans and girls in particular, and it’s been said to give you a real-life look into the demanding life of a star!


Britney Spears: American Dream – 4.4 Stars

 Most Addictive Celebrity Games

Britney Spears: American Dream is a celebrity role-playing game that you start out playing like a nobody working a dead end job. After you earn the chance to prove yourself to Britney Spears, Britney becomes your mentor. She shows you the ropes, and you learn to make songs and start pushing your way up the charts! Start out your singing career in Los Angeles, and then move on to bigger and more exciting locations as your skills evolve. Knowing what to do next is pretty simple because you will have managers, bandmates, and mission tabs that will pop up, and guide you on your way. In a quest to accomplish your dreams, you will pick your genre, name your songs, design beautiful covers for your releases, and then perform your new songs in an attempt to reach five stars! Even better, is the fact that while you are practising and performing your music at local coffee shops… You are working towards being good enough to light up the show with Britney herself!


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – 4.3 Stars


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is high-end, immersive role-playing celebrity game that is fun and super popular with the girls! After you customize your own Kardashian-world avatar, you will work your way through the ranks of the demanding L.A. social scene to finally become a celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!  Your goal… to follow the Kardashian’s until you match up. Interact with other celebs, dedicated fans, and even Kim Kardashian as you fight off persistent paparazzi and focus on your mission. For your character, you can choose between an A-list movie actor, a cover model, a fashion designer, and more! You can personalize your character how you want, and after you get everything perfect, set out to travel to Miami and New York City and steal the show. In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, find yourself frequenting exclusive clubs, upscale boutiques, and luxury homes! Watch your popularity rising as you date and dump celebrities. You can also bring your friends along for the ride too to see who can be the next big star!


Tyga – Kingin’ World Tour – 4.1 stars

 Most Addictive Celebrity Games

In Tyga’s  Kingin’ World Tour, you will choose between Tyga, T-Raww or King gold chains in this action-packed endless runner game. Collect objects as you go that power you up, and compete against others in a Cash Competition Mode! Take on risks as Tyga’s character and avoid hurdles while racing your way to victory! Fans are saying that Tyga Kingin’ World Tour is addictive and has a good soundtrack, so crank it up and get ready!!


Shaquille O’Neal’s ShaqDown 2 -4.0


In Shaquille O’Neal’s ShaqDown, zombies have mutated and enslaved mankind! You play in the game as SHAQ as you fight to the death against mutant zombies with your awesome powers and abilities! The fight for survival gets harder and harder as you scramble your way through three stages to annihilate the three big bosses! Animation by Street Fighter Artist Long Vo.

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