8 Most Played Games Ever: (Most Downloaded Games)

The download platform of steam video games celebrates the brand new yr by using publishing the listing of the maximum famous video games of 2017. These games are not only the famous games of 2017 only but these are the most played games ever.

To make up this ranking, steam watched which video games had the most important top of players linked concurrently and categorized them in numerous classes according to their popularity.

The queen category brings collectively nine titles with greater than one hundred,000 players concurrently. A few video games that have skilled peaks of very short gamers by means of organizing contests were excluded from the leaderboard, explains the platform on its website.

Steam does no longer display the number of specific gamers for every sport.

Below the list, the titles are ranked according to their rating on Metacritic, a site that offers a note on 100 to the games in step with their critical reception.

Most Played Games Ever recently

Here is a list of favorite and addicting games which have broken all the previous records.

8- Warframe

most played games ever 8


Metacritic rating: 69/100

Launch date: March 25, 2013.

Publisher: Digital Extremes

Critique: “Digital extremes have created something this is often amusing to play, and given the price of the game, Warframe is really worth the appearance if you experience like something unique.”

8-  Ark: Survival Evolved

most played games ever 7

Ark: survival evolved/youtube

Metacritic score: 70/100

Release Date: August 29, 2017.

Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Critique: “Ark: survival Evolved offers a stable survival game experience and is one of the first-class deals of the moment. in particular on consoles. Be conscious, However, that it certainly takes a whole new flavor when performed numerous times.

7- PayDay 2

Gamenewsofficial/youtubemost played games ever 6

Metacritic rating: 79/100

Launch date: August 13, 2013.

PuStarbreezestarbreeze Publishing

Critique: “A lot of fun and demanding, payday 2 turned into perfectly capable to drag the rope and bolstered it with kevlar. Furthermore, the different ways to complete the mission and the random elements of every stage together provide a greater than honorable replay price. ”

6 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft/youtubemost played games ever 5

Metacritic score: 79/100

Release date: December 1, 2015.

Publisher: Ubisoft

Critique: “Rainbow six siege has the impact of a bomb, every so often literally, however it’s far handicapped with the aid of its development system and a bit also by its lack of content material.”

5- Uber P.Games

It is an online game and the Uber car requirement is only two player, mean there is no option to play in single player mode. It is produced by FT. Another game just like it is Uber parking game, in this game you will have to park in the right direction.

4- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Metacritic rating: 83/100

Release date: Augustmost played games ever 4 21, 2012.

Publisher: valve

Critique: “Counter-strike: Global offensive ample status as a brand new complete-fledged opus.” further to a suitable graphical remodel and the first-rate fluidity, this episode succeeds in a sensitive synthesis between his decried predecessor and the authentic mod so adored. ”

3-Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Dreamsic/youtubemost played games ever 3

Metacritic score: 86/one hundred

Release date: December 21, 2017.

Publisher: PUBG corporation

Critique: “A twitch phenomenon, a growing famous star of the competitive scene, a splendid title that offers sensations of anxiety and adrenaline that only a few video games had furnished us before.”

2-  Dota 2

Dota2/youtubemost played games ever 2

Metacritic rating: 90/100

Launch date: July 9, 2013.

Publisher: Valve

Crucial: “The Dota gaming revel in changes each day — some evenings are going to be enjoyable, even as others will undermine your morale — but there are few video games which can be really worth as a whole lot time spent on it as this one. Those who put money into Dota 2 will find many moments of happiness in this new immaculate model. ”

1- Grand Theft Auto v

most played games ever 1

Rockstar Video Games

Metacritic rating: 96/100

Release date: April 14, 2015.

Publisher: Rockstar games

Critique: “Potpourri of exact thoughts, the title of rockstar reinvents the open internationally and tells with diabolical precision the future of 3 vile scoundrels in a massive digital Los Angeles. (…) as for multiplayer, GTA online offers a real and actual extension of the solo experience in and creates a new style difficulty to evolution. ”

In your life, you would also have played a game which would have been your addicting game. Please share the name of that game in comment box. Thank you

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