Teamfight Tactics : the 10 best champions to win in Tactical Combat

Tactical Combat, Teamfight Tactics in its original version, is the new game mode launched on League of Legends. Largely inspired by the autochthonous trend that appeared on DOTA, this mode asks you to choose your champions and make them participate in automated fights. Here are the 10 champions who give you the most chance to win in this mode!

Team fight, like its elder League of Legends, requires a very good knowledge of the available characters (50 champions at present) and their synergy to have a chance to win. Here are the champions we recommend you quickly add to your team to win your first Teamfight Tactics games easily.

1-Aurelion Sol: it is currently the best DPS of the game and certainly the first champion who will receive a nerve in the future. His skills have a mind-boggling reach and his “sorcerer” class allows him to recover mana by the attack which allows him to spammer his artillery.

2 – Nidalee: Nidalee is a great pick in the early game. Its auto-attack range is rather good and its “Wild” class helps to improve your team’s attack speed and thus its ability to send powerful spells regularly.

3-Gnar: like Nidalee, Gnar is part of the “Wild” class and, although it is rarer than its sister, it will allow you to set up a coherent team strategy. Moreover its ultimate allows monstrous fights with champions who have AoE.

4-Volibear: a tank that has zone attacks, that occasionally freezes its opponents and that has more life points if you have other “Brawler” in your team. What more could you ask for?

5 – Darius: the perfect mix between a tank and a carry. Darius is a healing force of nature that will become virtually invulnerable with another Knight on the team. If not, join him with other Noxians and watch them sow destruction on the battlefield.

6-Sejuani: if Sejuani doesn’t have the damage of a Volibear, its ability to knock out several champions at the same time makes it an excellent pick. A well placed ultimate and victory is assured.

7-Kayle: if Kayle were less rare, it would automatically be higher in our ranking. Kayle has the highest Attack Speed in the game and can also make an allied champion invincible on a regular basis.

8-Swain: Swain is unfortunately as rare as Kayle but its class “Imperial” and “Demon” allows it to have access to 2 additional sources of damage. Its ability to regenerate is not to be neglected either.

9-Brand: like Aurelion Sol, Brand will be your preferred long-distance carry. It is also part of the “Sorcerer” class and you just need to give it some attack speed to get enough mana to set the game board on fire!

10-Kennen: Kennen’s main concern is that he lacks interesting synergy but this flaw is compensated by his ability to stun enemies in an area. This is especially useful to get rid of the assassins who would get past your tank line to go after your carry.

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