The Main Characters of Pokemon Go

Pokémon X and Y contain a gallery of all the new characters! These are the ones that were unveiled. Say ” hello !”.


In Pokémon games, you can choose to play as a boy or girl in order to live a great adventure! Here are the games for Pokémon X and Y :
These names are of course indicative and you can always choose the name you want, but they will be used for opposite-sex rivals.



Sannah is a girl full of energy who accompanies you and seeks a goal in life. She is outgoing and very affectionate and seems to be amused by all the events that spice up your journey. Sannah’s character is also available as a pokemon toys online shops.


Tierno wants more than anything to create his own dance troupe with his Pokémon. Strong, generous and agile, he tends to let himself be distracted by the movements of the opposing Pokémon, too busy thinking which he could incorporate into his choreography.


Trovato is full of curiosity. A studious and highly motivated student, he wants at all costs to be the first of the group to complete its Pokédex.

The other characters

Professor Sycamore

Your first meeting with the scientific authority of the Kalos region will take place in Illumis: this is where Professor Platane will give you your first Pokémon, as well as your friends. He will also challenge you as you go along.


Alexia is a journalist for a publishing house in Illumis. When you meet her, she will insist that her sister would be delighted to meet visitors. The ball that is in the hands of Alexia is also available in this world. Yes! by searching Pokeball Toy in Google, you come across with these balls.


Dianthéa is a movie star. In addition to her trade, she is also an excellent Pokémon trainer, Don’t underestimate her.

The arena Champions


Violette will be the first Champion who stands in your way. You’ll hear about the champion when you meet her eldest daughter, Alexia. Violette is a professional photographer specializing in Pokémon. So, Pokemon Plush is also a fascinating gadget you can get now from any online shop.  It also manages the neuvartault arena, whose interior design is made of braided strings reminiscent of a spider web stretched over the darkness.


Lino is a tough guy who excels at many sports, including cycling and climbing.


Lem is always accompanied by his sister Clem; he is a very young Champion in love with science, always enthusiastic about the inventions he develops.


Cornelia is the champion of the Yantreizh Arena. His goal is to make the most of his Pokémon. As a result, she knows about Mega-Evolution.

Team Flare

This mysterious and elegant group appears here and there in Kalos. Its goal is to revolutionize the world by making it more beautiful.


As for the other Team met in previous generations, there is a hierarchy within the Flare Team. Discover strange scientists in the service of the group.

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